Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Megan made these cards for fellow dayhab participants.  They like to celebrate each other's birthdays and Megan always wants to make cards as soon as she hears a birthday is coming.

Sunday, February 14, 2016


Megan started out the week by bringing in card sets to make with her friends at her dayhab group.  These were cut with the Cricut Explore and Megan chose her colors etc.  to cut. Each person was given a bag with all the pieces necessary, cards, glue, stickers etc were sent in so the dayhab participants would have a productive morning making cards- with everything including wipes for gluey fingers sent in.  (We thank Danny, Megan's dad and my husband, for being so generous with the supplies we sent in!)

Now Megan wanted to thank the ladies who help the dayhab participants each week, These ladies volunteer their time- and pay to be CLLD (Continuing LifeLong Development) participants- all the while enriching the lives of these young adults so they have a meaningful time at this dayhab.
Megan made these fortune cookies boxes and made 'paper' cookies with sayings of appreciation, and filled the boxes with kisses. Thank you ladies for the love you give to the kids!

we forgot the picture but Meg made her sister, Erin, an EOS (lip balm) holder with a teddy bear cupid .  She also made daddy this card and nanny and poppy the heart card.