Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Remembering the troops on Valentine's day!

Megan proudly displays cards she did for the troops!

 Megan signed each card she did- thank you Dr. Carlson for making it possible  for Megan to write her name by herself!  (surgery was Sept. 2014). Using the cricut machines has been part of Megan's post op rehab since 2010- 4  difficult surgeries- but after each one she continued to make cards for others and posters for charities...Never give up.....

Not sure how we did this sideways, but you get the idea- here is a one of the cards she did.  The others had puppy love and dogs....

late post- Tiny Tim cards with the Explore

Didn't want to post the pictures before Christmas and ruin the surprise of the cards- but then forgot to post!  Megan proudly made these with the Explore. Lots of intricate layers but great results with this machine.