Thursday, June 27, 2019

Wood baseball bat and "leather" glove

Using the Cricut Maker, Megan made this card with different mediums. The Thank you is Cricut Adhesive foil, the glove is Cricut "leather" and the bat is balsa wood.

Not a card but worth a look

Megan made this tote with Cricut Infusible ink. The ink design is cut out of Cricut Infusible ink transfer sheets and then pressed onto the special compatible Cricut tote. The ink is then heated onto the tote, becoming part of it! The design is seamless, can not wear off like iron on.  The colors are really bright. It was fun for her to use new mediums to create.
Megan made this for a sweet girl's
4th birthday.  Unicorns kisses and birthday wishes.