Saturday, August 27, 2011

Expressing Gratitude

On July 28, 2011, Megan Ajello was honored by the New York Yankees as part of HOPE week.  This incredible honor came about when the New York Yankees heard about Megan and Erin's annual lemonade stand for Special Olympics.  Over the years, during storms, recovering from surgeries, Megan has held this annual lemonade stand raising thousands of dollars for Special Olympics.  The neighbors, friends, some relatives, and Manresa Knights of Columbus have always helped.  This year we had the pleasure of the New York Yankees coming to help sell lemonade.  Keeping the secret from Megan was hard, but worth it to see her smile.  She had spent the summer months making signs and inviting people to the lemonade stand.  Now she was able to enjoy the day with the most generous, kind hearted people.

The lemonade stand was an amazing success.  How do you say thank you for that?  See below, as Megan tried to thank everyone.  (We are STILL making cards for those who helped and contributes, but here are some of them..)

The New York Yankees players that attended the event: Robertson, Nunez, Cano, Jones, Burnett, and Logan were the most gracious, fun loving gentlemen.   General Manager Brian Cashman was a great sport and so generous!  Jason Zillo and Michael Margolis made it all possible and drafted John in the engineering dept to make the best wheelchair accessible lemonade stand ever!  How do we thank Blayke Scheer and her whole crew for making us all look so good in the videos- and for serving all the sticky lemonade when hundreds arrived at our home!  Buddy Valastro was a surprise guest with a sweet surprise for Megan and Melissa Joan Hart showed up to help out for  a great cause.  Joe Causi from CBS 101 radio was around with his whole family to help that day- Joe is always there with a helping hand for Staten Island. We are trying not to forget anyone, and we are still overwhelmed with the goodness in  people!

thank you all so much

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