Saturday, April 26, 2014

Megan made the butterfly favors for the charity tea

Megan belongs to the Manresa Council Columbiettes in Staten Island.  Each year they have a charity tea which raises money for local charities.  This year, Megan once again used the Cricut to make the favors to help decorate the tables.  Each year she picks a different theme- this year was butterflies.  She started in January and made 117 butterflies- each with several layers.  She then used lots and lots of bling to finish the butterflies.


  1. Megan! These are wonderful butterfly favors! What a lovely job you did. TFS Christine

  2. Megan, you did a wonderful wonderful job on the butterflies! I love your color combinations!


  3. thank you. I had a great time that day, Love, Megan